Q Tint – Car Window Tinting Brisbane, we specialize in car window tinting Brisbane, for all your legal tint needs.  We are open 5 and a 1/2 days a week.  By appointment.  We strive to offer only the best window tint for your personal car, work or transport vehicles.  It is important to understand the real facts about window films and the purpose they have for your vehicle. We can test your glass free of charge (call to make appointment)  and show you exactly how UV and IR (900nm and 1400nm) your glass is allowing through inside you mode of transport and advise which window tint will improve comfort levels,  glare,  UV  and infrared  and measure the VLT to comply to state laws.  We stock ultra dark, ceramic and high rejection IR films…..       Click for pricing and for monthly specials

Purchase any of our Ultragard Fusion 72% vlt, Ultragard Oxide 75% vlt or Rayno Phantom S9 70% vlt automotive window films during spring and receive up to $40 off. (conditions apply) Starts Monday 2nd September 2019.

Vlt refers to visible light transmittance, the higher the number the lighter the film. These films are great at blocking heat and allowing visible light through.

Paint Protection Film

PPF or paint protection film, is a self healing product that protects the cars paint work from scratch’s and scuff’s and other environmental hazards.  It is virtually invisible and last’s for years to come.  Boot lip’s from $99, door edges from $22 per door.

Window tinting facts

It’s a known fact that Australia has the highest number of skin cancer cases in the world.  High quality window films block 99% of harmful UV rays and films such as UltraGard NX42, block over 80% of infrared.  These two factors alone can provide you with excellent protection from the harmful Queensland sun.  The Cancer Council reported that about 2 in 3 people in our country will develop skin cancer before they turn 70.  Also, 750,000 Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer every year.   Melanoma accounts for 12,000, which is supposed to be a rare type of skin cancer.  This is associated with Australia’s location as well as its year-round climate.


Due to the large surface area of the windscreen it can become necessary to apply a window film.  Visibility is a must and heat (IR) and burn (UV) are huge factors.  High quality films like Suntek CXP 70 and Global QDPC 70 can be used to dramatically reduce IR and UV while maintaining perfect visibility with a slight glare reduction benefit.  Some common skin conditions, autoimmune, diabetes and medical treatments for cancers like chemotherapy, lupus and related drugs cause extreme reactions to the sun.  Often causing pain and discomfort. Medical permits are available and restrictions apply.  Contact your GP or Specialist for further information.

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